Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fantasy Baseball

Now, for all those still reading... here's the situation. I play in a 12-team, rotisserie-style 5x5 [R/HR/RBI/SB/Avg; W/S/K/ERA/WHIP] standard league with daily moves, one player at every position, 2 Util spots, 7 P spots which can be used for anyone, and 5 bench spots (also 2 DL spots). The one [smart] rule that's added in is a 1,250 innings pitched maximum, and a 162-game maximum for each position. That's the background.

My team, after a couple of recent trades (Germano for Thome; Harang & Johjima for Victor Martinez), now has the following makeup:
  • Hitters:
  • C MartinezV (1B), 1B Garko, 2B JohnsonK (OF), SS Peralta, 3B Teahen (OF)
  • OF Holliday, Beltran, Byrnes
  • Util OF Pence, Util Thome
  • Bench - C Ross, 1B Loney, 2B Barfield, 1B-3B-OF Blake
  • Pitchers:
  • CL - Nathan, Papelbon, Putz; RP - BellH
  • SP - Santana, Sabathia, Carmona, MillerA
  • DL - JohnsonJ
I've already used 825 of the 1,250 innings. My ERA is average, my WHIP just behind the pack. Obviously, I'm leading in Wins [55 - me, 51 - 2nd, 47 - 3rd, 45 -4th], Saves [84-68-67-60], and am second in Ks [703-702-601-596]; on a per IP basis, my Wins are second, my Saves are second and should win out, and my K's are fourth. It's why the trades of both Germano and Harang didn't require a second thought: With a 1250ip maximum, 3 closers, a middle reliever, and CC and Santana alone should get me about 350. Spot starts of Carmona and perhaps Miller will easily hit the max.

My weak positions are at 2B and 1B, where Garko has been sitting randomly and been really hurt by Hafner's struggles; I got a bit messed over at 2B, though Barfield is playing much better now and I was able to pick up a dropped Kelly Johnson last weekend. My team is up there in average, I don't really care about SBs much, and in the pack in RBIs; I'm last in runs though catching up, and down in HRs but passing the second pack finally.

The question is if I should stay with the team I have now, or try and trade for even more hitting. Victor and Thome are new additions, Beltran and others [Thome, Barfield, Teahen, Garko] should be much better this half, I don't see anyone who should be dropping this half... and unless I can trade Miller and Johnson for a better 2B, I don't see any moves I can make without losing CC or Johan. I think I should stand put, for sure until Aug 5 (Aug15 trade deadline), probably until the end. I've gotta run, but let me know if you think I'm wrong (and if you need more information)!