Monday, July 09, 2007

Chicago's Meeting on the Internet

Chana took notes of the entire meeting, titled "Caught in the Web: Modern Technology and Family Safety".

My own take: Excellent job. It lays out (strongly) the dangers that are inherently part of the internet, particularly to children, then discusses what parents should and must do in striking a balance of trusting children while monitoring what goes on in their lives. It was informative, educational, and most importantly, practical. It didn't ignore the realities of 21st century technology nor pretend that a ban could somehow make the problems go away. It didn't make up statistics or exaggerate the dangers, nor denigrate the positives and often necessity of having the internet. I just read through the entire thing; I'd suggest to everyone - particularly parents - to do the same.

Speakers included Rabbi Harvey Well, Rabbi Zev Cohen, Rabbi Norman Lowenthal and Rabbi David Pelcovitz.