Thursday, July 05, 2007

Why We Love Jews

...because every once in a while, you get stories like this:
Here's a positive shoutout to the Baltimore community. My in laws have a friend who recently became unexpectedly disabled. She is a Federal employee, so my father in law was looking for other Federal employees to donate their vacation time so she wouldn't lose her job. Word got around to the Baltimore community, and many frum government workers have donated generously from their vacation time. Many of these people don't know my in laws or their disabled friend. Here's to you for a great chessed (kindness), Baltimore community.
As an aside, another good reason to love Baltimore (one of our favorite towns at SerandEz), courtesy of AlanLaz:
Once upon a time there was a rookie rabbi in town named Rabbi Weinreb. He was an accomplished psychologist and scholar…he took over a big shul and made a controversial speech that certain others in the community did not like. He received a blistering letter from someone telling him all kinds of things that really shook him up. He went to go talk to his good friend Rabbi Heineman, who asked him who wrote the letter. R' Weinreb said he didn't know because the guy did not sign his name. Rabbi Heineman ended the conversation right there and he said something along the lines of,"you're here to talk to me about a letter that shook you up that was written by a guy who wouldn't even sign his name?!.. He said that he never ever reads a letter unless it is signed - if the guys got something worth saying stand up and say it without hiding behind the curtain of anonymity.