Sunday, July 01, 2007

8 Things Meme

I was tagged by both Yitzchak and Chana, so I may as well do this one...
  1. I enjoy being undefinable. And being called undefinable doesn't really count.
  2. Yes, there are things that come before blogging to me. They're called "sports".
  3. My pet peeves are generally all found in NY-centric people, which is why I generally hate New York and find NYers to be guilty until proven innocent. Those include (but are not limited to): People who don't understand economics; people who really think that the rest of the world views things the same way they do; people who think that making more money trumps everything else and somehow means you're richer, no matter what the costs are; people who think that if you don't practice the same way as they do you are 'less religious'; people who assume that everyone shares your political views; people who are completely bigoted and don't even realize it; selfishness; lack of patience; people who think that whatever they are doing is more important than anything anyone else is; etc.
  4. That said, I love people who aren't like that, and it's especially impressive if they're from NY, because it's so hard to be here and not get drawn into acting certain ways - and not because people are jerks, but because you feel like you need to to survive.
  5. I enjoy helping other people be happier.
  6. On a loosely related note, I've been called an "inciter", a "manipulator", and the like, for getting people to say or do much by saying or doing extremely little on my own. Often, this includes my getting yelled at or thanked (and often, both) for saying or doing almost nothing, but the person somehow has it in their head that I did quite a bit. (shrugs) Ah well. [smiles] Whatever works. {V'hamayvin Yavin}
  7. I am a night person. [By a raise of hands, how many people just said "DUH!"?]
  8. Brevity is the soul of wit. (Shakespeare) A short saying often contains much wisdom. (Sophocles) I am a firm believer in both.
I think just about everyone has done this, so I tag G to do this in the comments, and any member of the blog who wishes to can post as well. And of course anyone else who wishes to, either in the comments or on their own blog. Oh, and Rea. Just because.