Monday, July 23, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 7/23: Noah Feldman

MordyS brought this article to my attention here on Saturday night; Chana, Gil, Sarah, and surely countless others have or are going to weigh in. Elsewhere, LOR has a good post about Matisyahu's leaving Lubavitch and the example he is setting in general.

I'm actually going to write my own thoughts in a separate post, I just decided. Meanwhile, feel free to take the poll on the left, and if you've got 10 minutes to kill, fill out that blogger reader survey. It's actually quite interesting to see the answers so far, but they're from a small sample.

Finally, can everyone please stop writing about Harry Potter?! Some of us didn't order it for the first day, let alone finish reading it already!! Geez! ~ Thanks, Ezzie (Though thanks to most of y'all for warning people at the beginning of the post.)

UPDATED: Jewish Atheist, Shmuly Boteach.


  1. thats what u get for trying to mooch a copy of off someone.... ohhh buuuurnnnn (i just needed an excuse to get that burn in there)

  2. Did you see Shmuley Boteach's response in HuffPo?

    I found it pretty interesting.

  3. Rabbi Shmuely Boteach's article is lovely in theory, but he suggests that there were/are specific people who ostracized Noah. He is not focusing upon the particular set of events here; namely that Noah is no longer included in the Maimonides alumni publications. That is an administration making an administrative call about how they want to advertise their school. That is their right. This is not snubbing him in the street, cursing him out or otherwise shaming him. This is choosing how to advertise their school. We may not all agree with the way they decided to go about it. And we don't have to. But it is their legitimate right.

  4. We may not all agree with the way they decided to go about it. And we don't have to. But it is their legitimate right.

    All we're doing is disagreeing with it. Nobody's denying they have the right to do it.

  5. Hey, JA,

    I'm just making sure we're all on the same page. :-)

  6. I guess I should actually post my email to Annie...

    Interesting, thanks. I think Boteach, like Feldman, miss the point to an extent. Plus, Feldman made it clear that he's still friends with many people from then - I don't think it's a complete ostracizing of Feldman here, but rather from a religious educational standpoint: You are no longer one of us once you choose to marry out. He was at the alumni event; but they're not about to celebrate someone who is doing something that goes against the very foundations of what they are teaching.

  7. Worse imo is when he supported the anti eruv group in Tenafly, NJ by being their lawyer pro bono.

    It's one thing to marry someone. You can't force someone to convert and sincerely as well. I understand the passions of the flesh. Altho it doesn;t make it right from an Orth. perspective.

    It's another to actively work against the Orthodox community.

    I see him as evil quite frankly.

    Someone very sick, out of control, full of resentment and anger at his background for some reason.

    I am afraid he will get worse. that we haven't heard the last of him.