Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Serach's Scarves

Many of y'all have known this for a while, but (my lovely wife) Serach sells scarves/tichels* of all types - silver striped, thick colored striped, solid, stripes with patterns, tye dye, and now she's even getting "pre-tied" - and in a large number of colors. More importantly, a good friend of ours - "Stoner" - has set up a great, functional website for her business at

Serach's Scarves is based out of our home in Kew Gardens Hills (or Flushing), NY, and you can order online and either have it shipped or pick it up yourself. We're pretty easy to get to, whether you live in Queens, Hillcrest, the Five Towns, Far Rockaway, or even a bit further.

There are pictures** of many of the tichels up on the site, and you can feel free to ask questions via email (also on the site) to Serach about them. The prices are very reasonable and cheaper than you'll find them just about anywhere else; if you see something you'd like that's not there, feel free to ask Serach and she'll see what she can do about it. The same applies to any tichel she runs out of stock of - she can generally get it rather quickly.

Anyway, that's my little pitch; check out the site at!

* Head scarves many Orthodox Jewish women use to cover their hair.
** The images were taken with permission from one of Serach's suppliers.


  1. maybe if you asked nicely, SOMEONE, can make a nice logo you.

  2. btw, you can't pull off saying "y'all"

  3. sell those robes....big money in robes

  4. I don't get the tye-dye. I assume as the lurking goy, there is something I don't get and it doesn't mean the same thing as, well you know, "tie-dye". As in the 60's, spirals etc.

  5. I look horrid in a tichel or scarf. Any chance of her branching out to snoods or hat/headband falls? And yep, Shabbos robes too. I'd buy Shabbos robes, snoods, and falls. But tichels, sorry, no way! (Serach looks cute in them though from the pics you've posted!)

  6. I love snoods, but I've been told the kind I like is 'old-fashioned' - with the knot in the middle. No wonder I can't find it anymore. Harrumph!