Friday, July 20, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 7/20

A few good reads and views out there...
  • Balaboosteh hosts JPix12;
  • Treppenwitz with a funny riff on Facebook - I can't say I'm a big fan myself;
  • Support BritishYosef (formerly IfYouWillIt) on his Wheels of Love ride, raising money for sick children.
  • Ariella questions how people can break an engagement, yet not bother to inform invited guests.
  • Orthonomics has a guest post with some interesting suggestions about virtual schooling for religious kids.
  • I'm sure lots of people are jealous of David. I'd have finished it by now.


  1. The girl who was interviewed ahead gave the reason why I'm not reading it. Scholastic called her and asked her not to divulge the contents in exchange they would give her a $50 gift certificate and T-Shirt. My father in law, got and accepted a similar offer. (He understood the deal to be to put off reading the book until the appointed time.) I am bound by his commitment.

    But thanks for linking.

  2. Gasp! How can you say that you're not a fan of Facebook? Don't you know it's the best thing online since blogging?

  3. I hardly read blogs, except my regular few. Except Friday I rely on your blog roundup for direction.

  4. David - Yeah, I'd have said "no!" and read it. :)

    Shoshana - :P

    Shevy - :) Thanks, that means a lot to me. Friday's a hard day to write a lot, and I enjoy doing these - it's nice to see others do, too.

    (FYI, I do them sporadically other days as well, but it does seem like Friday is the most common.)

  5. Thanks for the link, Ezzie. BTW I don't mean, necessarily, that the notice that the wedding is off should appear in the newspaper, though etiquette experts recommend it. [Imagine an OnlySimchas section for notice of engagemetn broken!;-)] But,if a guest already sent in a reply card to an invitation confirming that s/he is coming, it is only courteous to let him/her know there will not be anything to come to. As my own experience illustrates, relying on word to somehow get out to the guests is not fair to those who may not have their ears to the grapevine.

  6. Absolutely. I agree with the anon commenter who gave what they thought made sense as guidelines.

  7. Ariella- brainchild of a friend with a broken engagement (and a cynical sense of humor)...

  8. I just finished the book and I don't do Facebook. Not that any of this matters.