Friday, July 20, 2007

Elianna is too Smart

Yes, yes, every parent says this, then cites examples. Well, my blog, my kid. :)

Elianna is about to turn 16 months, and seems to understand everything. She loves playing with hats, and knows to say Yabeh! if something is pretty. (Yafeh = beautiful.) Today, she was playing with some hats on the floor near some furniture, and wanted to try them on as she often does. She pointed to Serach, but Serach was worried she'd bang her head behind her, so she said "Bo'i l'ima b'vakasha" (come to Mommy please). Elianna scooted over just enough so she wasn't too close, then motioned for the hat again. Serach handed it to her, she took it, put it on her head, and then pointed up. At the mirror. Serach picked her up, showed her herself in the mirror, and Elianna took a good hard look.
:) I wonder where she gets that from...


  1. LOL!!! She really is a smart kid. ;-)

    (and if she thinks that about herself for the rest of her life, she'll be in good shape...)

  2. >:) I wonder where she gets that from...

    Ummm... from you???

  3. "Ummm... from you???"

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Vanity as the Goldish family vice. Oh, I gotta remember that one!

  4. Scraps - ...or not. :)

    HH - Ha!

    G - (bows)

  5. Oh, that's a lovely story. Pretty baby.

  6. So cute! Elianna's definitely got a good handle on that clever/wise baby thing. Keep having fun over there!

  7. Awww! Shame you don't have a picture of her in the hat!

  8. awww!!!!!! SO ADORABLE! Good Shabbos!

  9. cute.

    her hebrew is probably better than mine already.

  10. Serach speaks to her in hebrew?
    How nice!!
    (is Serach Israeli? - I somehow thought you guys met in the States..)

  11. Ezzie & Serach!!!

    We are waiting to see you all!!

    When are you making Aliyah??? (At least come fora visit!!!)

    "Asach Nachas"