Thursday, June 21, 2007

Why I'm Slow... and Proud

Those who know me well know that I am not exactly Mr. Jump the Gun. Most people assume that it's laziness... and that's partially true. But more importantly, I don't see a need to rush things all the time. I find that if I were to do the same thing as someone else, there would be a marked difference in how it gets done: While the other person might start off much faster, doing the job as it normally is done, I generally spend my time slowly tinkering with ideas and how best to do the job at hand in the least amount of time and with minimal effort (again, partly because I'm lazy). I find it to be much more efficient, relaxing, and in the end, far more successful. I think that most people intuitively understand this concept and many do the same themselves.

But yet, we see everyone constantly rushing around... and this is particularly true in big cities, particularly true in Jewish communities, and especially true of Jews in New York City. I've written about this rushed feeling in New York before [I'll try to link it later], and lately I've spent more time trying to move slowly, be more relaxed. It's actually entertaining to walk at an "out-of-towner" pace in Midtown Manhattan, as people rush and bustle all around you, and realize 'I don't need to live like this'. While obviously there is a time and place for doing things quickly, most of the time, we all could use a little bit of a slow-down.

And now, enjoy this video. Yes, you do have the time for it. Just slow down a bit. :)

: Many SerandEz readers may want to skip from about 8:20 to 9:40 or so.


  1. video too long, post too wordy, can't slow down, where's my treo - ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  2. I hear you.

    Somewhat approaching things in a Garfield meets Hobbes kind of way.

    I should write these things down...

  3. I'm so lazy, I don't even feel like finishing this sent...

  4. Most people assume that it's laziness... and that's partially true.

    uhhh "partially"? have you not met yourself? lol.

    I do agree with this concept, life is too fast. Especially in New York City. People in my office who are from other places such as Europe and South Africa have commented to me that they feel like in one year in America they age the equivalent of 5 years. It is pretty sad when you get caught up in that life.
    But no matter how slow i try to slow things down - those walk-so-slow take-20-pictures-per-step tourists in manhattan will always piss me off!