Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Few Good Links

Some interesting and amusing reads out there...
  • (Hat tip: Mara S) The Shin-Bet allows a person they believe to be connected to Hamas into Gaza. The twist: He's a reporter for the BBC. But the BBC takes no sides, right?
  • Fudge relates that the search is on for Mr. Twiddles. To all my Toledo readers, please keep your eyes out. He's... umm... reddish.
  • Meryl Yourish does a quick comparison. I'm sick of hearing people say "No, that's how they always say it." No, they really don't. Kudos to Meryl.
  • Talk about chumros. Chaim found a new one: It's not enough to be a man to be heard on the Israeli radio, you can't even sound similar to women now.
  • DAG notes a sad mistake in the Yated... and they even have a drasha to explain it.
Crazy stuff.

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