Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Public Speaking & Blogging

I found PsychoToddler's post this morning to be fascinating. Excerpt:
...And I almost never speak publicly. I hate speaking. I hate bothering other people when they’re trying to socialize. I absolutely have zero confidence than anyone would want to hear anything I have to say about any subject. ...

Of course, it was after the discussion with this fellow, and after another with Fudge, that I realized how unusual the whole circumstance was for me. It was only then that I realized what I had done.

I had treated the whole thing as a blog post. I did what I typically do before writing a post. I mulled it over in my head.
It also brought to mind an old post by Shifra, which is similar but different, but I can't find it.


  1. From my experience the blogger who's the best public speaker is him. He's also quite good.
    Of course I can't say I've heard a lot of bloggers speaking.

  2. I don't mind public speaking. It can be kind of fun.

  3. Public speaking can be great fun.

    I too read the Psycho Toddler Public speaking article. Was good.


  4. SoccerDad - I can't say I've heard those two, but R' Gil is pretty good. R' Ally (Alleyways to Torah) is good. I know a few are good chazzanim. :)

    I've gone from terrible to pretty decent, though I've only really spoken to small groups.

  5. In too many instances, public speakers are speaking to audiences that have no interest in hearing speeches.