Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/19: Top Ten

A lot of great posts in the J-blogosphere, with a lot of good messages...
  • 10) Aidel is having a rough go of things.
  • 9) DAG on the strawberry "crisis". Heh.
  • 8) Jewish Blogmeister interviews DafNotes. Very interesting.
  • 7) Sarah with more beautiful pictures as always...
  • 6) Treppenwitz questions what's wrong with collective punishment, particularly as we have collective reward. I've often wondered the same, particularly in certain situations.
  • 5) Yet another reminder why we love Our Kids Speak, courtesy of the PT.
  • 4) Chaim looks at the Lubavitcher Rebbe's yahrtzeit as a day of personal thanks.
  • 3) Chana asks people to help put together a guide to NY/NJ. So far, it's interesting to see how people view their own communities and the ones they see.
  • 2) Scraps thinks about some rough memories.
  • 1) BeyondBT's R' Goldson follows up on the 'middle' posts. Excellent post. Excerpt:

    With his characteristic eloquence, Rav Feldman laments a state of affairs wherein many Chareidim look down on Modern Orthodoxy as essentially irreligious while many Modern Orthodox prefer the company of irreligious Jews to that of Chareidim. Instead of looking toward the vast ocean of halacha and hashkofoh we have in common, we pick on the few differences, magnify them beyond proportion, declare they are symptomatic of some profound spiritual contagion, and keep our distance lest we or our children become infected by the ideological illness of the other side.

    Frum Jews to the right or the left of us are not our enemies.

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