Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Elianna Enjoys A Shtickle Cowbell

Elianna was a bit cranky this morning while we waited for the babysitter to come, but she loves music. I was by the computer, so I turned on the first video that came to mind, which I linked to last night... and she stopped crying and started dancing. (Of course, that's when I realized the camera is close by...) What was really funny was that she'd dance a little when there was music, stop when there wasn't, and dance a LOT when the cowbell came in. Hehe.


  1. As always - SO CUTE!!! You should make a blog completely devoted to her.

  2. she's a cutie, but babies are not a part of my diet :)

    and you should be impressed that i even watched the video while at work!!!

  3. Now if you could only get the shimmie, cowbell and clinging to converge.

  4. I miss Banna!!! Keep posting videos!

  5. David - I think you meant the clicking. She's clingy enough...!

    SJ - Come visit! :D

    ~Sarah~ - Was there any doubt? :P

    Ctrl-Click - LOL. I'm *very* impressed.

    JA - :)

    PT - LOL. Gotta love the head-banging, too...