Tuesday, June 12, 2007

6 Years Later...

On Sunday, my high school - the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study (WITS) - celebrated its annual dinner, which always honors the graduating class and whoever they are honoring that year. This is the sixth such dinner since the one celebrating the graduation of my own class of 22 in 2001.

Last night, another member of that class got married, and in a series of odd twists, this is the same classmate whose house I would stay at often; whose sister I work with; and his wife just so happens to be my sister-in-law's sister. (Yeah, exactly.)

I was able to get a ride with a fellow former classmate whose own wedding is next week, and we were with two more classmates. At the wedding, I did a quick count: Of the 22 guys who graduated, 13 of them were able to come this wedding six years later - and surely even more (if not all) would have done so if they lived closer (6) or didn't have another wedding that night (3). At one point, we were all surrounding him in one circle, along with the principal and Rebbe we all had (some in 11th, some in 12th).

Six years later. That's pretty darn impressive, I think.


  1. That sounds really nice. RaggedyDad likes to tell people that his entire high school class made it to our wedding. Of course, they were 4 boys. Including him :)

  2. I had no one from my class at my wedding..and attended no weddings of classmates...I don't recall receiving any invites

    I did attend 3 weddings from the class before mine. 2 are now divorced.

  3. Six years. Oy, now I feel old. I have my 20 year next month.