Wednesday, June 20, 2007

just a quickie...

I work as an assistant in a 2nd grade girls classroom. Sometimes the kids say or do things that are just so funny or incredible. I really should post them on OurKidsSpeak.

During recess today, a Hatzalah ambulance sped past the playground with its sirens on. We were in the middle of an action packed game of Elimination, but the girl holding the ball stopped for a second. It was only after a few seconds that i realized what she was doing. Little Miriam had paused to say a Perek of Tehillim (chapter of Psalms) for whomever was in the ambulance, just as she probably sees her mother do in similar situations.
Mee Ki'amcha Yisrael? Who is like the Jewish nation?

Another cute anecdote:
Recently, I asked a group of girls to come sit on the floor so we could play a Hebrew grammar game. As Tamar sat down, she sniffed the air and said, "Mmmm, it smells so good. Morah, did you take a shower?"

I'm gonna miss these kids so much when they're big 3rd graders!


  1. So cute! There's nothing like seeing our good behaviors immitated in kids. The bad traits -not so much! :) It's a great motivator though! And LOL about the showering comment! I've gotten a couple of similar remarks from Ann over the past year or two!

  2. You are a great Morah to appreciate this on the kids! We need more of you!

  3. Awww, don't you just love little kids? They're so sweet and blunt. :)

  4. My daughter just finished 2nd grade, and the thoughts that come out of her mouth sometimes o amaze me. (as well as the things she has clearly taught her 4 yo brother, LOL!)

  5. I was an asst. for 1st grade boys a few years back, and rarely wore my hair down. One afternoon i came in with my hair down and one boy said "Moooorah, where's your PONYTAIL???"