Thursday, June 07, 2007

A-7 Steals My Job

A few days ago, Jameel called me up and suggested that seeing as how I have had little time to post lately, I should merely round up some of the excellent "12 reasons I live in Israel" posts that are all over the J-blogosphere. Well, Arutz-7 did it for me:
( Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organization which promotes and facilitates aliyah or immigration from Western countries, asked for submissions of lists of “12 great things you appreciate and love about living in Israel and email your message to 12 (or more) friends abroad." The idea behind the project is to “atone” for the sin of the ten spies who gave an evil report of the land to Moshe and the Israelites, condemning them to 40 years in the wilderness.

A number of Israeli bloggers from English-speaking countries have posted their lists online, including:
ADDeRabbi, IsraLuv, Jameel, Rafi G, JoeSettler, Yehuda, Ben-Yehudah, Sarah, David Bogner, Ben Bayit, and ifyouwillit…

Arutz 7’s Orit Arfa and blogger XGH took a more cynical view, looking at the reasons that people do not come on aliyah.
Check them out - I've enjoyed the ones I've read so far immensely.


  1. guess who writes news breifs for A-7, including this one...

  2. Jameel calls you?? That fiend. How come he does not call me?