Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/10: 34 Years & Counting

On this day in 1973, a very sunny day from the pictures I've seen, my parents - much, much skinnier and with way longer hair - got married! Happy 34th Anniversary, Mom & Dad!

Something very cool: My father got 4 tickets to tonight's first ever HD-3D showing of a major sporting event. The Cavs gave away 14,000 free tickets to people to come see tonight's game - which is in San Antonio - at the "Q" in Cleveland, with an added twist: They are placing four large screens on the court which will project the game in a high-definition 3D view (everyone will get not-as-dorky-but-still-dorky glasses to be able to see it) on the court - to the fans in the stands, it will look like the game is being played right there in front of them. It's a really cool concept and will surely be interesting to see if it's good enough to sell tickets to in the future... while obviously the technology itself is amazing and will have an interesting impact in lots of fields.

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