Friday, June 15, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/15: Payday

Some pre-Shabbos reads...
  • 4) OC has an interesting article detailing some of what's going on in Gaza... and why the people there suddenly want Israel back.
  • 3) NoyG sums up his feelings on Gaza very well. His last line - about being thankful that there are no Jews still there - is an important lost point in this. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out, but surely it is a plus from the Israeli side in the present that there are no Israelis there.
  • 2) Kefirot on depression.
  • 1) Daled Amos (over at SoccerDad) has a very good post with a great line by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal that I somehow missed:
    According to the Globe, Israel is to blame both for its "occupation" and for having ended it--the latter of which "allowed Hamas to bid for power." But "the people of Gaza" are innocent victims. It somehow escapes the Globe's notice that Hamas came to power because Palestinians voted for it. The Globe denies that Palestinians are responsible for their own actions, and thereby dehumanizes them under a pretense of compassion.
It's a packed Shabbos at SerandEz, even though Shoshana skimped out. An unsurprising 6 or more guests tonight, 9 or more tomorrow... and almost all female between the ages of 19 and 25. Anyone have ear plugs? Have a wonderful Shabbos!


  1. We have a pair of earplugs, but I'm reserving them for RaggedyDad! Our guestroom (2 beds) is still available if any of your guests are too tired to make it home/need a little more space.

    See you guys noonish :)

  2. I'm planning on bringing the Fleazer and Search Boys Choir over for your serenading pleasure.

  3. "6 or more guests tonight, 9 or more tomorrow... and almost all female between the ages of 19 and 25."

    Oh but to be a fly on the wall...

  4. RM - :D sounds good to us!

    Diana - LOL

    G - Hehe. I'd probably swat you.

  5. Um, I think I had a pretty good excuse.