Sunday, June 24, 2007


Oh, this is a great way to convince terrorists to stop carrying out attacks. What a moron. I challenge anyone to explain how this can possibly be interpreted as smart and somehow not insulting to victims of terrorism.


  1. This is what we call Ain Brairah. This is the best move the Israelis can make...choose the lesser of two evils. And yes, it is the choice between radical terrorists and more moderate terrorists...but what other options does Israel have? Let the West Bank fall to Hamas as well?

    And then what? War? Reoccupation? The mistakes that allowed this occurred with disengagement and phased withdrawal in the first place. Israel has no choice.

  2. I meant giving the $500 million...

  3. Its not was money Israel froze. The NEED to prop up Abbas...

  4. Froze for a reason. There's no "need" to prop up Abbas, who are we kidding? Let them fall apart on their own.

  5. Some of the people involved are power hungry and blinded by it, but some are really just so so so sick of war and so desperate for peace, that they will do anything at all to try it again and again.

    IMHO both dag and you are right. Really and sadly.

  6. Ezz...Israel can't let Abbas lose the West Bank...That would mean Israel had Iranian puppet fundamuslim regimes in Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza.

    Talk about being surrounded. Who's going to help? Egypt? Jordan? They are more terrified of crossing the Iranians than Israel. A coalition with Israel would lead to the violent overthrow of each of their governments.

    Prop up Abbas...there's nothing else.

    And yes, Israel asked for this with their suicidal policies over the last dozen + years. But that doesn't mean they should throw up their hands now!

    A new War would invite attacks from all of the above, coordinated by Ahmenijad. Israel's only recourse would be an allied attack on Iran, and I'm sorry to say, the likelihood of that with Blair going out, a Dem Congress and a weak US Prez is slim to none.

    Prop up Abbas and say a LOT of Tehillim

  7. Disagree. Look at what is happening now: Hamas has Gaza, but nothing really in the West Bank. There's no way the Palestinians in the WB are letting Hamas take over there, too. Let each area form their own "governments". See how they do for a while. If Hamas starts up, destroy them in Gaza - but make it clear that the West Bank is a completely different situation. Encourage the division between Hamas & Fatah, between the West Bank and Gaza. See what happens with the West Bank: Does Jordan start combining with them, which isn't a bad thing? I think that they do. But nobody is helping the worst nuts in Gaza, and they'll soon self-destruct.

    Watch the irony: Gaza's citizens stabilize their own area first because they get so sick of Hamas, and/or beg Egypt or someone to save them from the tyrants.

  8. You left out the part where Condi and Bush decided we need to once again bolster and "strengthen" abbas against hamas and therefore send him alot of money (again) and of course that means israel has to make a gesture....

  9. Ezzie..WB will fall. Fatah has no will to fight (as they showed in Gaza). Abbas is weak, and there is a lot of sentiment for Hamas style radicalism in the West bank.

    The Iranians are helping the nuts in Gaza...Now Jordan and Egypt are more fearful of Hamas and radical Iran that Israel is, and they do have every reason to support Abbas, BUT all Iran has to do is portray Egypt and Jordan as friends of Israel and those 2 nations could be thrown into thei own civil wars.

    Fatah can not fall in the West Bank. Too much riding on it

  10. Money sent to Abbas wiil be split up as follows:

    1. Stolen for personal use of Abbas and his best friends.

    2. Spent on objects to be picked up later by Hamas.

    3. Kept to be picked up later by Hamas.

    Israeli taxpayers have to wonder which country their government works for.