Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello World!

Count this as my official step through the door into the blogging world! I have been toying with the idea of posting for a looong time and therefore have come up with numerous topics in which I can discuss. Not that I find my own thoughts so intriguing, but hey, maybe someone else in the world will.

Perhaps first I should tell the world (or rather ezzie's collection of blog friends which has been amassed over time) a little bit about myself (aka my display name).

I have a few major theories/motto's for my life. One of things I always say about myself is that I do not beat around the bush. That being said, ipaytoomuchformyhair states many things about me. I am not afraid to tell people that I am, without a doubt, someone who can fall into the category of being a JAP (Jewish American Princess). But if you ask any person who knows me if I act like one - I would bet a nice chunk of change that 99.9% of those people would tell you no.

Does that mean that if I am JAP that people automatically assume things about me? Why can't that just mean that I enjoy material things but also have an opinion to voice about things that really matter?


  1. --"Hello World!", my name is IPTMFMH and I'm a JAP.

    --HI IPTMFMH!!

    --It has been two days, three hours and 12 minutes since I made my last credit purchase.


    (welcome to the dark side)

  2. Why can't that just mean that I enjoy material things but also have an opinion to voice about things that really matter?

    JAPs have opinions?!

    Okay, okay. But I wonder if people generally discount the opinions of those who they deem to be shallow, assuming that they only have a superficial outlook on a lot of things just like they do on clothes et al.

  3. I thought the Japs were defeated in WWII

  4. In the real world- people do judge you by how you look and act. Thinking that we can be JAPs but be appreciated as intellectuals, is like movie stars giving their political opinions- No one with a quasi high IQ will ever take them seriousely- although the 'stars' crave just that. As teenagers we believe that people should look at the inside of people and not the exterior- but we outgrow this....

  5. Welcome!

    No one has to know you're a JAP online--we can't see you. :)

  6. I thought it was Elianna blogging until you got to the JAP part! ;-)

  7. how could it be elianna? she doesnt HAVE any hair!!

  8. g - who goes two whole days without making a credit purchase?!?

    ezzie - does this mean you discount everything i say?
    Or have I been the one that has proven to you that it is possible to have a real opinion and also be a "JAP"?

    pobody - Elianna may not have hair yet - but I am sure I will help her with it at some point once she does decide to grow some!