Monday, June 11, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/11: My Tattoo

I know, I put up way too many posts over the weekend. Ah well. Y'all are going to skip the Cavs one anyway. Here's what I enjoyed today:
  • Jack has a picture of my tattoo. Heh.
  • Shoshana's brother goes on Birthright... and is only marrying Jewish. Awesome.
  • Daled Amos with a couple of excellent posts. The first links to an excellent, mind-boggling article in the New York Times Week in Review about jihad called "The Guidebook for Taking a Life". It's probably a lot of fun to be interviewing people about jihad and then have them debate whether to kidnap and kill you.
  • The second is a video that's so good I'm reposting it below.
  • I also posted Childhood of Potential II, which is a continuation from last week's post.

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