Friday, June 08, 2007

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 6/8: No Sports

A few thoughts worth seeing:
  • Kefirot questions what "Etz Chaim..." is referring to - we're always taught it's the Torah, but if you actually read the Psukim, it's clearly not. Interesting.
  • BeyondBT's Passaic Shabbaton is coming up next month - make reservations now! Last year's in Kew Gardens Hills was excellent.
  • Robert Avrech has an excellent post about the importance of surrender. I think this is something that the world, in its haste to end wars, forgets - and therefore causes them to eventually start up again.
  • Searching for Bright Lights has a great post about gossip and values.


  1. No Sports...Enjoy!

    I'm lost, what???

  2. Well, it's a day of mourning in sports. At least one of them.

    The other, though, is looking pretty darn good.

  3. No sports! Rockin! Thanks for some good pre-weekend reads!