Thursday, June 07, 2007

Public Service Request

Does anyone know where in Midtown Manhattan I can pick up a newspaper from somewhere else in the country? My father said he remembers a place in Times Square, but that was... well, a long time ago. I'm looking to buy two copies of today's Cleveland Plain Dealer - and yes, I know I can read it online.

There should be somewhere that gets national and international papers, right? A bookstore, a big newspaper place... somewhere?


  1. Worse comes to worst, if you can't find a place that sells it, you can always go to the library on 42nd Street and photocopy the pages you need.

    The Wolf

  2. Maybe the Borders at Penn Station?

  3. early 90's I was visiting from Chicago for 2 weeks...and I asked someone where I could get a Chicago Tribune. He told me my best bet was the WTC.

    I went to the WTC, and NONE of the shops had a Trib. I was frustrated until I saw a security guard. I stopped him and asked him, "I'm looking for a Chicago paper..."

    He snapped back, "well, where'd the hell d'ya lose it?"

  4. Wolf - Can't even get a copy... the library doesn't carry it.

    Scraps - Maybe!

    DAG - LOL

  5. On broadway between 71st and 72nd (on the west side of the street) is a very well stocked periodical store with everything you could want. National and international.

  6. Um Ezzie--Have someone in Cleveland buy it for you and mail it to you. Thats what my Dad always does when exciting sports things happen in Baltimore and he can't get the Baltimore Sun in LA.

  7. Treppenwitz is right. I forget the name, but it's there. One or two door from the Starbucks at the Northern corner of the block (not that using a Starbucks as a reference in the City helps). Of course there's something called the World Wide Web...