Monday, June 25, 2007

JRants Returns

I'm with Chaim on this one:
It seems that JRants is now working again. I'm very happy to see that. While I use my RSS feed manager to see when my favorite blogs have been updated. I find that without Jrants I don't see anything else. It's good to see it back and I look forward to seeing new blogs which arent in my RSS feed reader.


  1. Full disclosure - I have no idea what RSS feed is or refers to, but I know that people tell me it has changed their whole way of reading blogs! Any advice or links to a good tutorial?

  2. It's a great way to read blogs...! :)

    I wrote about it once: Try "Why Firefox Rocks" in the top search box, should be in #3...

    If that's not good enough, email me! Better yet, come over one day with the kids and I'll show you. :)

  3. Thanks, I'll look it up! Let's see how I do!

  4. Yeah!! I am so happy that jrants is back! It's the only directory I use for new jewish blog posts and catch up on what's out there.

    I just had a whole email exchange with israelforum, asking them to remove my blog. I never get any traffic from there (unlike Jrants, where I get a ton) and they also have this robotic/automatic ranking system, so that when your blog post gets fed into its directory, the post gets an automatic ranking based on what appears to be word count. Therefore, any photo essay/graphical/poetry posts with barely any text gets a 1 star ranking. The standard text post usually gets an automatic 2 stars. It sucks to be ranked by a bot and turns off potential readers when they see a low rating.

    I think blog directories with rating systems are unnecessary and inaccurate. I just want to see a clean listing of new posts with blog names, titles, and the first few lines so I can skim quickly and pick out the topics that interest me. That's what gets me visiting blogs like yours.

    Jrants rules!