Sunday, June 10, 2007

Game 2


WHY IS LARRY HUGHES STILL IN THE GAME!? Stupid foul this time. What a moron. My brother noted that on the Cavs' second possession, he took that terrible shot with :18 left on the clock. Why!?

I told my brother at halftime that I can see them slowly eating at the lead until it's down to (say) 13 near the end of the quarter, and suddenly the announcers will realize "Hey, this isn't over yet." In a way, they're doing that, but the Spurs are still picking up balls the Cavs knock away and hitting the shots, so it doesn't feel like it. But it is down to 21, so we'll see.

Wow. 58-33. This is... embarrassing. I think it's going to have to be Lebron time in the 3rd quarter, with him continuing the drives he's finally started making at the end of the half. If he can keep attacking and drawing fouls (especially on Horry, Duncan, and Oberto) they can start eating away at this lead.

45-26. The last couple shots by Parker were ridiculous. The biggest question I have now: Where are the rebounds?! The Cavs were the 2nd best team in the league at rebounding during the season - what happened?

28-17 after one. That was atrocious. Every time the Cavs let up or space out for even a second, the Spurs just attack. Where's the focus? Outside of Gibson, Z, and Snow, everyone looks dazed. No wonder they're so much better with the Varajeo/Lebron/Gibson/Pavlovic foursome together, it's the only time they play with any focus.

Finally, they take out Larry Hughes. I've been saying for over a year that they're simply better when he's not on the court.

Lebron sits with 2 quick fouls. I think that's smart. The last thing you need is the feeling that Lebron has 3 fouls a few minutes into the game.

Keys to the game, in my opinion:
  • Lebron has to go sharper off the picks toward the basket.
  • Gooden has to pay better attention on D.
  • Gibson needs to play a lot more, Hughes a lot less, Snow when they need things to be more organized.
  • Pavlovic and Gibson should attack a lot more, opening things up.
  • Lebron should work away from the ball a bit more.
  • Their D needs to keep Parker from those easy drives.

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