Thursday, June 21, 2007

Ezzie Runs 3.5 Miles+

I'm already running late, which basically means I have to run there, but I'm about to race in the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge at Central Park. Should be fun! It's a 3.5 mile race, and I still have to get there, which is a couple miles. Ugh.

Maybe I'll be skinny afterwards! (Haha.)


  1. >Maybe I'll be skinny afterwards! (Haha.)

    Ha HA

  2. when is the run i would want to watch ?

  3. Good luck! (though you're probably done by now!) Maybe you and RaggedyDad can wear your day-glo green t-shirts at the same time and light up the neighborhood! (At least his company's shirt was a normal shade of navy blue).

  4. I feel your pain.. (if you survive)

    and a bit of trivia ..

    J. P. Morgan was a "Protestant Episcopal Church" member - I was so disappointed in my 6th cousin (4 removed)..

  5. Ezz..can you show me how to put a clickable link at the top of my blog?

  6. HH - :P

    Anon - It was at 7pm in Central Park.

    RM - Hehe! Ours was pretty slick looking - cooler fabric, dark blue/black.

    ~Sarah~ - Thanks! It was.

    DAG - Nah, I walked about 95% of it. Shouldn't have drank so much so close to the race, so I couldn't really run.

    Rod - Survived!

    DAG - Such as?

  7. Ezz I want to put up a link to my T-shirt store...

  8. If you think you're going to run 3.5 miles you have to train for it! People who don't usually run can't make it more than 3.5 BLOCKS! I'm sure your older, wiser brother could have told you this.