Monday, June 18, 2007

Israeli Real Estate Meeting - NY/NJ


Some of you may have noticed the ads that appear above this space. One of those ads includes one that I think is very important, and actually sent to someone last week, but I was asked to and agreed to write a little more about it for those who may be interested.

For those who are contemplating or seriously considering making aliyah, there will be a real estate fair next Sunday thru Tuesday (June 17th - 19th) in the New York-New Jersey area. For details including times and places, click here.

According to Jameel, who even has a friend who found his house through this fair, the fair generally has booths from contractors, builders, agents, mortgage bankers, and other “interested parties”, and that the representatives aren't just from Jerusalem, but from all over: Modi'in, Beit Shemesh, Ma'ale Adumim, etc. Moreover, there's usually even a bank that will not only guide you on how to go about getting a mortgage in Israel, but can even help you start the process.

If you're interested or even barely interested in making aliyah - whether in the near future or years off - check it out here.

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