Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/24: Milestone Week

Elianna is 2 months old today!! Woohoo!! We're still working on getting a camera with which to take pictures, ever since I lost our last one... it looks like it may wait until the next paycheck comes in. In the meantime, you'll just have to picture for yourselves how cute and adorable she is, and how scarily smart she seems to be already. She knows how to kick the blanket off her feet and out of her snap n' go; how to hold in her motzetz or take it out; and has just found her thumb, too.

About a month ago, I glanced at the SiteMeter and StatCounter at the bottom of this blog. At the time, I was getting around 350 hits and 700 pageviews a day. I did a few quick calculations, and thought: "Cool! Wouldn't it be funky if I hit 50,000 hits and 100,000 page views right as the blog turns a year old?!" Alas, it wasn't meant to be. R' Gil mentioned me at the RCA Convention, a few posts got very popular, and suddenly I was up to 450-550 hits and 1,000-1,200 pageviews a day (Shabbos brings down the average). Now, it looks as if I will be hitting 50,000 hits sometime around noon today, with 100,000 pageviews coming in a couple of days. My blogiversary is not until June 1st, next Wednesday.

Anyways, thank you to all my loyal readers. I have really enjoyed this blog and the others I take part in and read, and that's primarily because of the people I've "met" and the ideas I've been introduced to across the blogosphere.

What is enjoyment if you can't share it with others? Not much - so here's tonight's roundup:

Orthonomics has a roundup as well, and Judeopundit has his Linkim. I was going to link to the Oprah posts as well, and this post also really stuck out at me.

*Post of the Day*
Um, look here.
Oversights from yesterday:
I'm amazed this isn't a bigger story. This could be the key to energy in the 21st century... and it's so obvious!

A brilliant post and shmuess from an inside-outsider regarding abuse... Da'as Hedyot.

A video clip at Life-of-Rubin I meant to show a couple days ago, and have now seen a number of times.

Chainik Hocker has a fascinating post about immigration.
Quote of the Day:
Dave's got it from Jack himself.

Though this one from Ayelet's son is up there... check out her other posts, too. It's nice to have some happy blogs out there.
Waxing Reminiscent:
Kasamba's Artichoke is uprooting from their home.

JewishAtheist misses his rose-colored glasses.
Falling on my face, sooo...
RafiG discusses why Jews try to be more Jewish out of Israel,

Joe explains why the ruling about conversions is wise,

and Jameel gives a sample from the settler e-mail group. Hilarious.


  1. Thanks for the PR!
    I can't wait to see more pictures of your cutie!

  2. The global publicity phenomenon that is Oprah thanks you. Congrats also on the hefty traffic and resulting milestones. You seem to be hitting those suckers faster and faster. Good work.

  3. Mazal tov! Ad Meah V'Esrim (page hits? vistors? incoming links?)

  4. Do we win something if we are the 50000th hit?


  5. I have really enjoyed this blog and the others I take part in and read, and that's primarily because of the people I've "met" and the ideas I've been introduced to across the blogosphere.

    For a second you scared me it sounded like you were going to stop blogging or something to that effect....Congrats!

  6. Thanks for the link, Ezzie. :-) And happy birthday to the kid!

  7. Gosh, I remember when Elliana was born. Feels like just yeterday. Oh wait, it was pretty much yesterday :) Happy happy to the gantzeh mishpucha.

  8. Yay, Ezzie. Look out, those months fly by with little cuties. Enjoy every single moment.

  9. I don't even have a counter on my blog page! Amazing, considering I work as a statistician. Maybe my ego doesn't want to know how few people care what I have to say. (Maybe it would do my midot some good to know how few people care what I have to say!)

  10. Kasamba - My pleasure. Me too! :)

    Gavriel - I hear she wants to interview me...? ;)

    Sarah - Thanks!

    Jameel - Instalanches.

    David - Yeah, you buy at Sushi Mitsuyan. :P

    JA - My pleasure, and thanks!

    I'm Ha'aretz - Heh. :P

    CM - Shucks :)

    Charlie - Neither did I at first. But it keeps you in check - "Oooh, wow... 500 hits... half of them the same people 3 times..." But it's still fun.

  11. Ezzie -J & R has some decent digital cameras for under a hundred.

    Tell you what, I have to go down there one day too (Daphna had an accident with ours). Why don't we make an evening of it? Just you, me, and the electronics section.

  12. Alright nagaki on me, sometime this summer.

  13. Sweet! (Wait, were you #50,000? :) )