Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Watching, but not Worshipping, Idols

I'm watching the final performances on American Idol tonight, as Serach is seeing United 93 with a friend. So far, Katherine McPhee was good with her first song, while Taylor Hicks blew away the show with his. So far, Taylor is winning; he has the entertainment factor edge over Katherine even if her voice is more pure.

Of course, Katherine just showed how her pure voice could win, by singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" again, and singing it absolutely beautifully. Wow. To be continued...


Taylor's second song was okay at best, so the second round went to Katharine. The third round was the debut of each one's "single", with Katherine singing "My Destiny" and Taylor singing "Do I Make You Proud." Much as the judges said, the song Katherine sang just wasn't all that great, and she sounded decent but not incredible. Taylor's song was perfect for him, and he sang it perfectly, giving him the edge.

The only reason Taylor wouldn't win is because of just how good the "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Katherine sang was, especially compared to the song of his that followed. But beyond that, Taylor was incredible while Katherine was not.

I liked the little touch of having Daniel Pawter singing "Bad Day" to end it, too. Great song.


  1. Feh. When Chris Daughtry got booted, I was done.

  2. Ah, so predictable for you. Did you vote? Didn't think so.

  3. Nobody's perfect... plus, I *think* some people hold that if it's not live (in person) it's a different story. Maybe.

  4. ->The only reason Taylor wouldn't win is because of just how good...

    ...the 21 year old McPhee would look on the cover of a CD. Witness last years final.

  5. Ezzie, what can I say...I'm so proud of you...actually posting about my favorite show! I agree totally with your assessment. Taylor is GREAT!

  6. G - Carrie was better than Bo! (Really.)

    But I hear ya ;)

    CM - Woohoo!!! Woohoo!!!

  7. I do believe that the maharsha (amongst other poskim) says that if it is not live it is one hundred percent not even considered kol isha- and another miforash- i forget which, says that if it is a non- jew it is also mutar- hence the rabbanim who pasken that broadway shows are okay. Im not sure how fond the Maharsha would be on the idea of watching a show like American Idol (they become exactly that- "idols"), but your definately not being ovar on an aveira.

  8. Anon - Very interesting, thank you.