Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just Another Jewish Conspiracy

After months of secret planning, delays, and pushing it off, a number of us have gotten together to create Just Another Jewish Conspiracy. As RespondingToJBlogs wrote,
For our maiden post, we thought it would be a good idea to let our readers know what to expect and to introduce ourselves. Given the somewhat fragmented presentation of political debate and punditry in the J-Blogosphere, we thought it would be a good idea to create a blog authored by several bloggers representing diverse viewpoints.
There are six full members of the blog, but we also are hoping that people will submit guest posts for the new blog as well. The six full members cover a wide range of views both politically and religiously, and look forward to sharing our views and ideas with each other and with all of you. We do hope you'll come visit and join in the discussions.

Check out the introductory post and the first substantive post by R2JB, questioning values, and my note at the end of the piece.


  1. Looks great so far! You might want to link it to JBlogosphere blog... That's exactly the type of thing that characterizes our blogs - diversity of views!

  2. Very nice, especially the logo. But lets not fool ourselves. The only reason you guys put this together is to be nominated for "The best group Blog" for the JIB awards next year. You guys are notorious. But now I see the title suites you well :)

  3. Irina - thanks. I don't want to link anything specific to the JBlogosphere blog yet, simply because I don't know what guidelines we should have yet.

    HH - LOL. Considering that it won't have all that much to do with Judaism, I don't see how we'd have a shot... but cute.

    The title is great, isn't it?

  4. that's a great idea.

    it sounds like it would be a more central forum for a lot of discussion that goes on around j-blogs (and others) in the comment section mainly! :)

  5. Yes and no. It's more political than Jewish, though it will cover both...