Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random Blog Thoughts

I think the most frustrating part of blogging may be all the posts you want to write - but haven't. The ones you're trying to get to, the ones you really want to say but don't know how to express, the ones that you said you were going to write, the ones that would make a difference.

On a related note, I'm hoping to continue the series I started on "How I Met Serach". The "Crazy Shabbos" series will likely remain at 6 parts, despite there being much more to tell. I'm hoping to restart the Erev Shabbos "Cool/Talented Videos" series, and if you see something, e-mail me a link!

Of course, good ol' me has just a few short weeks to write a tricky essay, take 4 courses from start to finish, pass an exemption exam on material I haven't seen in 9 years, somehow take a test and final on a class I can never really attend, and set up interviews for jobs for this fall. And oh yes, decide what jobs we're taking and where we're moving.*

* Just discussing this with friends has been eye-opening. It's incredibly flattering to learn that so many people are not only interested in where we're moving, but are trying to convince us to move to one place or another - and even weighing that into decisions they're making themselves. We love our friends and family.


  1. wow, well you definitely have a lot coming up!
    i'm sure you'll get through everything with flying colours and make the best decision as to where you're going to move to.
    exciting :)

  2. I here Israel has some houses available...

  3. Yeah, seriously, what's the question about where to move.

    Why stay in galut for even a second longer?

  4. >Why stay in galut for even a second longer?

    Could not agree more, GET OUT OF NEW YORK!

  5. Okay, everybody. G is the one whose got it right - OUT OF NY!!

    That includes Teaneck, which is within the same area. :)

    We'd love to go to Israel, but since we'd like to stay there for as long as possible, this move isn't there.

  6. Heres an interesting video for u...

  7. You know I vote for LA, even if its not much of a possibity...

  8. Thanks Biff!

    Blitz, LA is one of the two possibilities... :)

  9. Good luck Ezzie.

    I agree with the above - get out of NY as soon as possible. The healthy, relaxed you ten years from now will be thanking you profusely.

  10. Ooh.. what's the other possibility?!

    Have you considered Newton, MA? Public transportation-accessible to many accounting jobs in Boston, excellent Jewish population. Good schools. Beautiful town, really.

  11. Why couldn't you stay in Israel if you moved there now?

  12. The healthy, relaxed you ten years from now will be thanking you profusely.

    Exactly. :)

    Croaky - No, didn't really consider it; the other possibility is Baltimore, MD. Boston never really struck my fancy, though I had a wonderful time there when I was 6. We went to Fenway to go to a Ryan-Clemens matchup, but the ticket booth we were at ran out of tickets "This booth sold out". Then, we went to the next line, and the person in front of us got 2 tickets. The sign comes down "STADIUM SOLD OUT". We went to my cousins and listened to the game - 1-0, bottom of the 9th, and Carlos Quintana hits a 2-run walk-off.

    Okay, so I have a grudge.

    OC - Financially. We'd be back here within a couple years, like most Americans who try it. I'm following the advice of (ALL) our friends and family in Israel: "You want to live here long-term? Go to the States, get your degree, work a few years, save up some money, get here while your kids are still young."

  13. Wherever you go, may it be with Mazel!

  14. What! I didnt know LA was a real possibility! That's great! Either way, Baltimore or LA I know you guys will be happy. It would be funny if you moved here and I moved to NY LOL. Ya, thats not going to happen...


  15. Ezzie,

    You must not let Q (Carlos Quintana) ruin Boston for you for life! :)

    Baltimore's a great option. You'll be loving life if you can afford any of the amazing places near the waterfront/ESPN Zone/Camden Yards/cobblestone/old battleground area (I clearly don't know the name of it despite being there twice in the last six months, although I think it has a "Wharf" in it). Although, I've heard it is a pricey city with a lot of pockets of crime.

    PuckFomona will be happy to hear you're considering LA! Drop him a note to ask for hints.

  16. Ooh LA! Nice :)
    Might see you there someday...

  17. Sarah - what?! NY?!

    Croaky - Actually, Balto has a thriving Orthodox Jewish community far from the city, which is where we'd go there. Prices are still reasonable, though NYers moving down have driven up prices (stupid NYers).

    LA is stunning - over there, our preference is "The Valley" (North Hollywood). But prices in LA are outrageous (but an offer there is *very* lucrative). Ah, decisions, decisions...

    Sarah - LA is as far as you get?! :)

  18. lol
    LA isn't as far as I get! I have a list of places to get to someday (including Israel of course) but LA is a little closer from here and have people to visit there :) (particularly in the valley!)