Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Growing Conspiracy

Just Another Jewish Conspiracy is off to an excellent start. Thanks to all those who have joined in the discussions. It appears that all of the members have posted once, with my own reprint of a (relevant) post the only "copout" of the bunch. A quick listing of the posts:
  • Welcome! by Responding2JBlogs
  • A Republican Monopoly on Values by Responding2JBlogs
  • Abortion Poll & Law by Ezzie
  • Al Gore in '08 by Jewish Atheist
  • Why Bush isn't as out of line as most Liberals think by Charlie Hall
  • Polygamy, Incest, and Bestiality by Classmate-Wearing Yarmulke
  • Democracy & Originalism by Nephtuli
  • Check them out, read the comments, join in the Conspiracy! And, as noted in the Welcome! post, we are always looking for guest posters, so please feel free to submit posts. Thanks.

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