Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What Do You See?

This is what I see when I read my blog, using Mozilla. I have a feeling that many people are reading it in Internet Explorer, and it probably looks far worse in IE (yet another reason to use Firefox!). So tell me... what do you see?


  1. Brown Bear...Brown Bear..what do YOU see?

  2. I use Safari

    For some odd reason, a half bald monkey-man holding a pretty young woman appears on the top right. It's a major eyesore. Would using Firefox eliminate it?

  3. i use safari too. the drop down menus look a little different, they take on the safari theme.
    firefox looks the same.
    internet explorer does weird, weird things. i was checking what my blog looked like and then i tried a few others and it scrambled things and the pictures didn't load.

  4. I use safari and it looks just like everyone else said it did.

    And that monkey guy really is annoying, but, what can you do?

  5. Actually, Firefox can probably solve our dilema. Just look at his pic of firefox. You don't see any Monkey-Men there do you?!

  6. Get yourself a search box in the corner. I have one that covers Google, Yahoo, Dictionary, Amazon, Ebay, and Wikipedia. Utterly convenient. Also, what's with all those icons near the url box? One more thing, I was disappointed that you had nothing bookmarked in your personal folder - RSS feeds of your favorite blogs (May Cuties, mayhaps), for example.

  7. Mozilla bad. Firefox good. Opera best.

    Safari better, but alas, you're on Windows. I suppose someone has to use it, right?

    In my home IE is the App-Which-Must-Not-Be-Run.

  8. DAG - Heh. :)


    Sarah - The drop-downs look terrible in IE. I'd be curious to see them in Firefox.

    Robbie! Go with Hyrax!

    Holy! Bad Hyrax, bad!

    Ayelet - I never really search for much, but I actually do have one. I just closed the Bookmarks because of a link to a prospective employer on the side. But if you were sitting where I am, and clicked on that green leaf, you'd see a lot of feeds, included one that says "May Cuties". :) (Or you can click on the word "Blogroll" from where you're sitting...)

    ML - Yes, we forbid IE here as well. And Macs suck. (But great ads!)

  9. The babe is great, bH! She's cute and aware and behaves and sleeps... :)

    No no, not blog savvy. Just go to and download Mozilla Firefox. It's just like Internet Explorer... only better. And then you can add on cool stuff.

    I'm actually surprised nobody asked me what half the icons were.

  10. Um...Maybe you need to reread my comment cuz I specifically asked. But, fine, don't tell me. Be that way.

  11. Btw, what was Ser's reaction to United 93?

  12. Ayelet - (blushes) Okay, I skipped a line.

    Starting from the right...

    Firefox homepage (automatically there)
    Full Screen
    Sage (switches the left side where the bookmarks are into all my feeds. VERY convenient)
    Print Screen
    Recently Closed Windows (in case I close one I don't mean to)
    Recently closed tabs (ditto)

    Showcase Tab [creates a tab that shows every tab of every window on one screen. very convenient when you've got a bunch of tabs or windows open at once and want to find a specific one]
    Showcase Tab for This Window [same thing, but only for the window you're in]
    Showcase sidebar [same idea, but puts mini windows in the sidebar instead of doing it as a tab
    Showcase sidebar for this window [...]

    On the bottom, right corner: BlogWeb comments. It basically will show you anything that's quoting the page you're on. Easy way of seeing who's linking to you, or if someone had a thought on the article you're reading. It might only show Blogger pages, though.

    The little Firefox globe shows what I'm viewing the page in. I can open IE tabs if I need to.

    Then comes FoxyTunes, which is really great though I never use it. It basically allows you to play any media player from Firefox. So if you want to listen to ITunes while you blog, you can, without opening up ITunes.

    Next is Performancing, which basically opens up a half tab that lets you blog. It's like having a create post page on the bottom while keeping whatever you're writing about on the top (if it's a news story, for example).

    Maybe I should post this.

  13. Ser on United93: It was good. Obviously, no anticipation because you know what's going to happen; her friend didn't like the "shakiness", which was intended to make you 'feel' like you're right there. Didn't cry as much as she thought she would. Overall, good, not incredible.

  14. I see a burning river and a sad city. ;)