Friday, May 12, 2006

Uncle Marvin (II)

In the comments to this post in honor of my uncle's yahrtzeit, my father posted a short biography of his brother in the comments. Here is what he wrote.
Ez: I didn't realize you remembered so much about that awful day. That entire weekend is indelibly etched in my memory. It's very hard to lose one's only brother so suddenly and at such a young age, let alone for the tragedy to happen right in front of me. He had just come in from Israel the night before, and I was so excited to see him. As you know, Uncle Marvin was nearly 14 years older than me, and was a true "older brother". I still remember being 8,9,10 years old, and being so proud because my big brother was both the head of the Young Israel of Cleveland youth groups, as well as Head Counselor of Camp Shor in Aurora, Indiana. As you said, he was very funny; I well remember him waking up the entire camp every single morning over the loudspeaker with a combination of rousing (and LOUD) music and very funny and silly "encouragement" to get out of bed.

A brief biography - Marin Goldish was born on September 8, 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio to Benjamin and Mindel (Finesilver) Goldish. Unfortunately, his mother passed away from an aneurysm when he was just four 4 years old. For much of the next 4 years, his grandparents, aunts and uncles in Marietta, Ohio tried to raise him. But it was a very difficult time. In December, 1940 Grandpa (Ben) married Grandma (Hilda Kupfer), and Uncle Marvin's life became more normal, living with his father and stepmother. Over time, Uncle Marvin and Grandma became very close; they had a wonderful relationship, which has now continued through several generations.

He went to Talmudical Academy in Baltimore, graduted in 1950, and then went to YU, getting his Bachelor's degree in Sociology in 1954. He returned to Cleveland and obtained his Master's in Social Work from Western Reserve University (now Case-WRU). In 1957 he married Rochel Elazary of Canton, Ohio and they moved to Chicago. In 1961 they returned to Cleveland, where they stayed until they made Aliyah in 1971. In Israel he worked for many years at Bar-Ilan, then worked for the National Jewish Welfare Board, the "umbrella" organization for the JCC movement. He was effectively their "Israel desk". In fact, he was in the States on business when he passed away.

I need not dicuss his wonderful children and granchildren, as you've already done a great job doing that. I'm glad that you have such fond memories of him, even though you were so young.

I recently found his Masmid yearbook from Yeshiva University from 1954. The caption next to his name states, "Laugh and the world laughs with you". That is such an appropriate for Uncle Marvin, A"H. Y'hi Zichro Baruch.



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