Monday, May 22, 2006

JBlogosphere Grows A Head(er)

The JBlogosphere blog is still a work in progress, but after a little fiddling, it is slowly getting there.

Today, it got an incredible contribution: A beautiful new header image created on a whim by Chaim of Life-of-Rubin (who designed the header for this blog as well, among others) and his anonymous friend, who we'll call "Fred".

Check it out, and give your suggestions as to what you would like to see on the J-Bloggers' blog!


  1. Very nice.

    The only problem I see is that I see the blogosphere concept, but the "J" is missing. Perphaps something really subtle would do.

  2. The guy is wearing a suit and hat... (?)

    Thanks, though. I'll suggest that to Chaim.

  3. Put a shtreimel in his hand. Kind of signifing his double life of being a practicing Jew as well as an off the derech Jew. (Isent that what the whole J-blogs are all about)

  4. I love it!
    Tha Fred is one talented guy!

    (If the guy in the picture could just be singing 'Numa Numa', it'd be perfect!)