Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/31: The Bris

I'm getting up bright and early tomorrow morning and heading to Stamford, CT with a friend for the bris of the son of our friends Dovid & Katie. Mazel Tov!

If Elianna doesn't go for him, maybe he can take a shot at the daughter of A Simple Jew, whose wife just gave birth to a baby girl - Mazel Tov to ASJ, a blogger whose stuff I should read more often.

A bris is a nice time to reflect on the strange journeys of life - as is a death. Either way, it is always pleasant when people are able to celebrate the life that was led even in death, as PsychoToddler is doing with his father. Read Bernie The Cuban, a wonderful pair of stories about his father.

Some of those journeys and trials of life are perfectly summed up in Holy Hyrax's first-ever post, hosted at Jameel's. An excerpt:
They do not deserve this. My wife deserves the husband she once new -- a happy, caring one. So if Judaism is causing me such great misery, why should I keep up with it? I just don't know anymore. All I know is that I wanted to be frum, I really did. Anyone that knows me can testify to that. But how can I go on any longer.

So my question remains. Can a BT with doubt remain frum?
It's a post from the heart, and one which left me speechless, even with the privilege of having met Holy Hyrax once. It should strike to all our cores.
EDITS: After seeing Yitzchak's Linkim, I realized that I got the date wrong. Ouch. He also points to a number of good posts, including NY's Funniest Rabbi's J-Blogosphere Exam - interesting.
Rest of the roundup...
Daled Amos has 10 links to start your week with.
News Media:
Judeopundit notes a somewhat anti-Israel Hebrew lesson in the Baltimore Sun. I always hated that paper when I was in Baltimore...

Meanwhile, FrenchHill notes that Google is not just censoring for China anymore - now, it's taking out sites that are deemed 'offensive' to Islam, as well.

And WestBankMama notes what is not in the news after a brutal murder (and it's not the murder).

Treppenwitz notes another story that's not in the news: This life-saving operation of a Palestinian girl by Israeli doctors was anything but routine, but not because of who was saving who.
Yosef is seeing red over those who stand up for Judaism by doing the antithesis of it. I don't blame him.

JoeSettler is seeing red over those who don't have enough respect for their own people.
Sadie/Ezer K'Negdo will be hosting the 7th Kosher Cooking Carnival! Send her your recipes and links.

Sarah puts on a scarf, takes a picture.

AbbaGav finishes his hilarious "Oprah in Jenin" series by going on the Oprah show himself.

And Robbie has Part II of his literary masterpiece.
Check it out!


  1. Thanks for the plug Ezzie -- not that I'm some kind of crass, attention-craving web-traffic junkie just trying to drum up readership. But I must say, I finally understand why you called your blog Serandez intead of just "Ezzie" -- it keeps Oprah's lawyers at bay.

  2. thanks for the link! (good roundup as always!)

    mazal tov for your friends sons bris.

  3. I know Dovid and Katie well. Got to know them through my brother Sam when Dovid stayed with us in Baltimore.

  4. Thanks Sarah. Yeah, I was wondering if Sam would come to the bris Jonah.

  5. Well, you're a big party pooper. :)

  6. Rebecca - I know it is :)

    They named him Yehuda Moshe, for her great-grandfather and his grandfather.

  7. Sam just enrolled in Ohr Sameach in Yerushalayim. He isn't even in the US now.

  8. Coincidence - I lived in Cleveland Ohio for about ten years when I was a little urchin. Now we live in Tennessee.

    Very nice blog and many more blogiversaries.

  9. Thank you very much, Debbie - welcome, and hope you'll keep coming back.