Monday, May 15, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/15: King Looking for a Crown

Heh - and just 20 minutes ago, I wasn't planning on doing one tonight, since I don't usually around Haveil Havalim. Anyways...

Lebron James and the Cavs showed on Shabbos (thanks to the NBA rescheduling for their stupid ratings, I couldn't see the game - ugh) just how they could actually turn this series into a battle. They finally played a straight-up defense but in a way which allowed them to break up passing lanes, forcing 17 Detroit turnovers and holding them to just 77 points. On the other end, they shot 50% from the field by continually taking advantage inside (hmm, sound familiar?). And all this without Larry Hughes, who was home after the tragic death of his 20-year old brother from a life-long heart condition. And yes, while the Pistons always seem to lose Game 3's, I am continually impressed with the Cavs' ability to adjust their game plan until they figure out how it should work. If I weren't so lazy, I'd find the article I read that illustrates this exact point in regards to Lebron and the Cavs as opposed to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.

Okay - enough sports, it's roundup time (see also Yitzchak's Linkim!): [click timestamp]

Check the posts below this one, and of course read Irina's post. She started this whole push in the first place. A big thank you to the person (who wishes to remain anonymous) who has done much of the work.

Many bloggers whom Gil mentioned have written "Welcome" posts to the RCA, but none better than Godol Hador. (DovBear took issue with one small section in a very good post - GH liked it as well.)

Shifra is back to answer your questions!
Looking Within:
Treppenwitz has a sharp story.

DovBear takes apart the arguments at the Asifa one-by-one.

BeyondBT discusses the tuition problems.
IsraellyCool has a post about the two most recent casualties of terror in Israel.

At least the country is still fighting.

Daled Amos notes that some of the fighting may shift to Jordan.

RafiG discusses the unity of the Jewish people, at least in one important place.

WestBankMama points out a great article by Natan Sharansky.
Basil discusses Stupid People.

RafiG has the video of an excellent young Jewish rapper.

Nephtuli has a hilarious video of a taxi driver who was interviewed as an expert. He winged it. The BBC is *not* very bright.
Check it out!


  1. Well, I said Pistons in 5, and they aren't dissapointing me.

  2. Thanks for all the links! We're doing great!

  3. -->Okay - enough sports


  4. OC - Ha! Cavs in 6? ;)

    Irina - Thank you.

    G - Heh. I just meant for the post... but I shall repent.

  5. GO CAVS. My dad is going to the game tonight. I'll look for him on TV!!

  6. Love the post's title... you a Matisyahu fan?

  7. EK - Lucky!!! I'm jealous.

    Croaky - Not too much, but I thought it would make a good title. I wonder how many people picked up on that. :)

  8. Oh my goodness! My Little Sister (who's 6'0'') posts for the very first time ... and gets linked!

    Why do the babies of the family always get the good stuff?

  9. Ah, because we learn from the mistakes of our older siblings! :) (I'm the youngest in my family - so's my wife in hers.)

  10. Amen to all those statements.

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