Monday, May 22, 2006

The Coverage Continues...

Sorry for no posts today. I'm too busy trying to read all the interconnected posts about what our rabbinic and communal leaders should be, are, and are not doing regarding child abuse [and other issues] in our communities. As it is, I'm skimming through some of them, simply because there are so many, but here are the highlights.

I've linked to this before, but it's worth repeating: This (by Sephardi Lady) is the material Rabbonim should have put out immediately.

Still Wonderin' covers what was said - and what was not - at the Torah U'Mesorah Convention this weekend. His post was excellent, prompting DovBear to add his own two cents, while Krum and Orthomom took a calmer route.

Meanwhile, the Godol Hador ranted about how Gedolim should and shouldn't be, while Jonah doesn't like how some approached the internet issue in Monsey: Attack the issues, not the person.

All of these are worth reading, just make sure to read Still Wonderin' before the others.


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  5. "Sorry for no posts today" he says in his third post of the day.

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