Friday, May 12, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/11

Originally the post about my Uncle Marvin was supposed to be a short piece to start this roundup, but it becames its own post, so here are the links for y'all to enjoy... [click timestamp]

*Post of the Day*
Well, I think my friend Mordy S. had a great rant earlier today on this blog. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.
On a related note, A Town Crier had a solid post about common sense, and Sephardi Lady had a sharp one about shidduchim and the lengths people go to do everything but what they need to.
Shoshana helps someone find one, Shifra seems to have one - awesome for both of them.
Godol Hador:
Two interesting, and well-written (!?) posts: Intellectual Honesty & Orthodoxy, and Life is Beautiful. Or Not. Thought-provoking.
And the rest:
Ayelet's kids are hilarious, E-Kvetcher is trying to find out if a certain beer is kosher (do you know?), Alcibiades notes what the Snow-man is up to (finally - it's about time they did this), and Orthomom has one of the best quotes I've seen:
Michael Boyd, a former airline security official, said, "The Israelis know darn well that our bomb detecting equipment doesn't work and that the people in charge of airport security don't know what they're doing."
Give the man credit for honesty.
Check it out!


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