Thursday, May 11, 2006

R' Gil's RCA Presentation

(Hat tip: Drew Kaplan)

As you may know by now, R' Gil Student (Hirhurim) gave a presentation at the RCA Convention about the blogosphere, focusing of course on the J-blogosphere. His outline is here; the PowerPoint presentation is here. The "gossip" many people were curious about was which blogs he would talk about when discussing the 'must-read' blogs for a Rabbi; of course, the list was very good and very unsurprising. He split them up into categories, naming 30 blogs and 3 feed-based sites in 11 categories. The final category was "Jewish blog aggregators", and included the main three: JRants, JewishBlogging, and Technorati's Judaism link. The fourth one was a bit different and quite flattering: SerandEz.

All in all, the list was quite good [no, not just because he mentioned this blog], especially considering that just 30 were mentioned. While obviously everyone would have their own list, there were only one or two surprises to me that I'd have expected Gil to put in, the one that jumps out being Orthomom - though since her focus is primarily on the Five Towns, perhaps that's not global enough for what he was looking for.

Yiasher Koach to Gil on what seems to have been a very well done presentation; I hope it has the proper effect on that which goes on in the J-blogosphere.

For those who are curious, here's the list of blogs he mentioned, taken from Drew Kaplan's post: [click the timestamp]


Beyond BT
Lazer Beams
A Simple Jew
Current events
The Town Crier
Commentary on current events
Emes Ve-Emunah
Torah content
Torah Musings (okay, it's really Hirhurim...)
Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer
On The Contrary!
My Right Word
Little Green Footballs
Prominent personality
My Obiter Dicta
Ben Chorin
Luke Ford
Un-Orthodox Jew
Failed Messiah
Hipster Judaism
(Esther's) My Urban Kvetch
[not the] Godol Hador
Da'as Hedyot
Jewish Atheist
Ben Avuyah
Renegade Rebbetzin
Drew Kaplan's blog
Jewish Blog Aggregators
Jewish Blogging
Technorati Judaism Blogs