Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/31: Sleep-Deprivation

After yesterday morning's bris, I walked to our good friend who had kindly agreed to watch Elianna while Serach was at work until I got home. Walking back in the unbearable heat reminded me why sleeping just a half-hour out of thirty or so is not something I can do more than a couple of times a week, and after Serach came home I went to sleep for about 6 hours.

For years, my mother has tried to convince me that I need to get on a normal sleeping schedule, and I usually agreed somewhat while not actually being able to do so. I'm generally unable to sleep unless I'm exhausted, and that doesn't happen all that often: The coming of Shavuos this weekend reminds me of the time I stayed up for 69 consecutive hours, both to learn and to help take over for the cook of WITS, my high school [of 130 students], who was informed on the first day of the holiday that his father had passed away. (That's a story for another time.)

But how important is it really to be on a "normal" sleep schedule for someone in my situation? I sleep on average 4-5 hours, and can go on 2-3 a night for a few weeks if need be, even skipping a couple nights if there's something important to be done. [Perfect for tax season.] I work better later, rather than earlier; as most people are getting tired and burning out, I seem to get going. I seem to thrive in pressure situations, where the work/studying/essay needs to be done now, because it's due or the test is in just a few hours. I feel like I am better off remaining on my own "off-schedule" as long as it allows me to accomplish more.

Anyways, on to the roundup:

Jewish Community Issues:
BeyondBT discusses Internet in the home. Interesting debates in the comments.

Gil gives his two cents on the two sides of discretion. I thought I linked to this yesterday, but see I had not - it's a short, sharp read. Excerpt:
But what really bothers me are the communal figures who don't usually watch their mouths but are suddenly being so careful. Don't they realize that when they are quick to denounce everything and then suddenly don't denounce this, they are sending a huge message with their silence?
Orthomom discusses Bar Mitzvah boys and beer... and alcoholism in the community in general.

Nephtuli talks about the terrible approach some people have to solving shidduchim problems.
Am I crazy for thinking it's ridiculous for someone to choose his spouse solely on the basis of whether he can learn full-time for two or three years? Am I the only one who thinks this whole system is absurd? Why can't people see the obvious answer is for not everyone to spend years in kollel on someone else's income?
Jack hits two years. Check out some of the best posts of his - the one he marks as his first really great post will blow you away.

Town Crier has a number of other greats posts in Around the Blog.
(From heavy to light...)

Xvi questions his future.

Shoshana lives... and learns.

Godol Hador reflects on what seems to be his struggle in life.

Robbie drives away from the last segment of his life.

The PsychoToddler turns 5... but the blog keeps its name.

Stacey enjoys the apples of her eye.
Daled Amos remembers the time he got in trouble for performing magic. Kinda freaky, really.

Nephtuli gives the best review I've seen of United 93, and just why it's so important to see now.

Romach has an interesting take on tomorrow's same-sex court cases in NY.

WestBankMama wants your aliyah stories, which she'll round up just before Shavuos. Here's hers, on the 15th anniversary of her move.
Check it out! Worth noting: Holy Hyrax's post from a couple of days ago is still mired in serious discussion, and every two cents counts.