Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Random Blog Thoughts

I think the most frustrating part of blogging may be all the posts you want to write - but haven't. The ones you're trying to get to, the ones you really want to say but don't know how to express, the ones that you said you were going to write, the ones that would make a difference.

On a related note, I'm hoping to continue the series I started on "How I Met Serach". The "Crazy Shabbos" series will likely remain at 6 parts, despite there being much more to tell. I'm hoping to restart the Erev Shabbos "Cool/Talented Videos" series, and if you see something, e-mail me a link!

Of course, good ol' me has just a few short weeks to write a tricky essay, take 4 courses from start to finish, pass an exemption exam on material I haven't seen in 9 years, somehow take a test and final on a class I can never really attend, and set up interviews for jobs for this fall. And oh yes, decide what jobs we're taking and where we're moving.*

* Just discussing this with friends has been eye-opening. It's incredibly flattering to learn that so many people are not only interested in where we're moving, but are trying to convince us to move to one place or another - and even weighing that into decisions they're making themselves. We love our friends and family.