Sunday, May 14, 2006


The J-Blogosphere article on Wikipedia is slowly coming together. Thanks to all who've helped out, and anyone who is able to contribute is invited to do so. Much thanks to Irina, who started this whole idea, and Esther, whose link helped push it along a bit.

It would be nice if the article mentioned some of the topics and expanded on the different types of blogs that are out there; I have no clue how to space out categories and the like, so... yeah. Anyone?
UPDATE: Thank you very much to whomever put everything into categories! Much appreciated.
In addition, Jameel (ya know, from the Muqata?) set up a JBlogosphere blog which we hope to turn into somewhat of a JBlog central. For now we just stuck up links to all the Haveil Havalims and the first four Kosher Cooking Carnivals; more will come later [and I don't mean just the 5th KCC].

What we'd like to do is put down a bit of a history of J-blogs for both old and new J-bloggers and readers to look at. It would make it far easier to understand and appreciate what's out there, something many people find daunting and confusing when they're first exposed to it. The trouble is... we weren't around that long. We could use some help from some of the older J-bloggers and readers, if they're so inclined, for some of the earlier history; and obviously, everyone is welcome to join in writing pieces of the more recent history.

We also understand that there are many different "circles" within the J-blogosphere, even though many are interconnected. We'd like to try to get all the different circles involved as much as we can.