Thursday, May 11, 2006

Capturing the Essence

As I noted last night, Sarah pointed to a photo contest started by photoblogger Emanuel of Jewish Nation. This is the photo that immediately popped into my head.

Emanuel asked:
What is a Jewish photo? Is it the caption? The person who takes it? Or is it in the way a viewer see it? Every answer can be correct, but I want more. So I will present a challenge to you all, I would like you to take a photo, or use an existent one, and send me one that captures the essence of the Jewish Nation/People.

The process is simple.
All photos that I feel that captures that spirit will be published on my blog (I will remove those who not fulfil my requirements). In the end we all choose the winner.

Send the photo, with a comment, to
shamaym – AT –
I think the following somewhat well-known photo taken last August epitomizes that which he is looking for.

We are a nation of kindred souls. We do not always agree, we do not always see eye to eye. We are religious, we are secular. We are right, we are left. We are stubborn, all. But through it all, even in our most painful moments, we are One Nation, serving the same God.

We are the Jewish People.