Monday, May 22, 2006

The Sports Guy Drives In Two

Some may have noticed the link on the side of my blog to "The Sports Guy", Bill Simmons of Yesterday, I read two recent pieces of his and couldn't help but like them. The first one was about his wife's inability to relate to his fantasy sports league obsession: [edited]
Of course, my wife doesn't understand. She thinks I'm nuts. And maybe I am. I've already spent 100-plus hours managing my team: talking trades, researching free agents, bitching to Hench the commish, monitoring our my guys through DirecTV's baseball package Yahoo!'s StatTracker, even calculating how much it would cost to murder Baldelli Matt Clement. I can't think of a less productive way to spend my time, short of joining a gym or appearing on "Around the Horn." When you consider the upside (a 1 in 10 12 chance of winning the league) against the downside (a 9 in 10 11 in 12 chance of losing), then mix in the anticlimactic feeling of taking the title -- no raucous champagne celebration, no ring, just the respect of friends and not enough prize money -- there's no real reason to play fantasy other than for the male bonding or for watching your one friend who married too soon get completely bombed at the draft.

So why do I want to belong to more leagues? Because I'm an overly competitive psychopath, that's why.
Heh. That was too perfect. Then, he talked about LeBron and Kobe. The difference between the two? Kobe packed it in in a Game 7 of a tough series against the Suns. Lebron led his team to a Game 7 they should have never reached, putting them on the brink of victory in Game 6 and still driving hard against the best D in the league late in Game 7. That is why Kobe will never be Jordan, while Lebron may one day surpass him.