Friday, May 19, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup, 5/19: Another Packed Shabbos

Actually, it's not too crazy. So far, it's only 5 guests eating over tonight and 3.9 tomorrow. (Yes, that says 3.9 - b'sha'a tova!) However, there will likely be a few more than 5 tonight - a few "maybe" responses. I'll probably go with lemon curry cutlets and Coca-Cola chicken tonight, and breaded cutlets and a good chicken & salami salad tomorrow along with some other sides.

Meanwhile, I went to sleep before midnight last night for the first time in... I have no idea how long. Of course, I could only do so because I only took about an hour nap yesterday morning after not sleeping a whole night.

And now that I've recapped my current status in life... here's a roundup!

Orthonomics gives guidelines on protecting our children.

RenReb finally speaks out.
Shidduchim Standards & People:
Shoshana (at BeyondBT) thinks people should be paying attention to the person and how they've gotten to where they are - not just the "they went where?! their siblings do what?! they did what?!" And she's absolutely right.

Irina notes she's coming around in terms of dealing with people.
Rabbinic Power:
Jewish Pros expounds on Jameel's great post.

Bein Adam L'Chaveiro
talks binary.
If I hold by one Gadol, why must I hold by them all? Does holding by them mean I must exalt them to a level that they are more than human? Do I not accept that my Possek may not be someone else's? In fact, might my Possek give someone else a different P'sak if his situation was different than mine?
Shifra notes how asparagus started the Reform movement. No, really.

Gil argues that the Torah allows for democracy.
Assassinating Hitler:
Treppenwitz has a great post on free will.

And speaking of Hitler, KesherTalk notes that Ahmadenijad wants Jews to wear yellow badges.
Gaza & Israel:
Oleh Yahshan notes it's Shirts and Skins.

Batya explains the differences between the disengagement and what's going on now.
Sarah's making people dizzy. (Gorgeous.)

Dave has a great post on photographer bias.
Check it out!