Monday, May 15, 2006

Red Alert to the Jewish Community

Please read "Red Alert to the Jewish Community" by Oleh Chadasha. It is a brilliant post which showcases a letter she wrote three years ago in response to a sexual abuse story back then; her message is as true now as it was then. Perhaps it is even more urgent now, as we see that nothing was learned from the past. An excerpt:
Is a Rabbi's name more important to us than a victim's soul? How many Jewish spirits are we willing to sacrifice to make sure dirty secrets and skeletons remain hidden and locked in a closet? I wonder how many people have turned away from Judaism because the rest of the Jewish world and its leaders were silent to their suffering. I hear time and time again, "it can't happen here", or "we're Jews, we don't do that". Just because we're Jews doesn't mean that we live in some protective bubble that makes us immune to such horrors as domestic violence, molestation, child abuse, etc. Those that believe this are going to have their bubble popped sooner or later. Right here, right now, we can stop the bleeding.