Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, perhaps it would be appropriate to approach the day a bit differently that one would think. This country has always honored its dead on this day by laying wreaths, visiting graves, and having moments of silence for those who have fallen in dedicated service to this country.

Today, more so than in other years, our soldiers who have fallen in recent times are doing so to protect our way of life. This is not to say that the soldiers of the past were not doing so; undoubtedly, they were. Rather, this is to say that the threat of terrorist attacks are more directly linked to how we live our lives in these United States of America, enjoying the freedoms and liberties that are the integral parts of our lives as Americans.

Let us honor our soldiers with moments of silence - then, let us honor their sacrifices by taking advantage of the freedoms they have protected. Have a pleasant Memorial Day.

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UPDATE: A great one from Sephardi Lady about her former classmate.

UPDATE II: Whoops! Forgot those with the broken feeds... Jack & Chaim. Sorry!