Sunday, December 31, 2006

Avoiding Glares...

Seeing as how I don't particularly enjoy death, or even eyes glaring in my general direction, I hereby pronounce that while Chana's net worth may not be listed in Forbes magazine, her value is immeasurable, particularly as a friend and fellow member of the J-blogosphere. (Whew, was that enough grovelling for a completely innocent remark? ;) )

Anyways... Chana is hosting a little party on her blog in honor of her birthday. Since there's no food (hey, they're already fasting in Israel, and it wouldn't be nice), she's having fun with it, so go join the party! Happy 18th birthday, O Wise Chana, and may you continue on your incredible path of growth in all facets of your life. :)


  1. Chana is worth way more than 200 million dollars. And LeBron James. Put together.

  2. The grovelling is quite all right. We (the royal we) mind no longer.

    All is quite all right.

    My precious soul outweighs all the gold in the world! *laughs*

    Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday. Much appreciated. :)