Friday, December 01, 2006

Ezzie's Blog Roundup: The FFC Aufruf!

This weekend should be lots of fun, as we'll be spending it celebrating the aufruf (um, pre-wedding celebration? Who can translate that?) for the upcoming wedding of FFD & FFW. Meanwhile... here's some good reads to enjoy until then.
  • 10) Balaboosteh turns 30 - and admits it!
  • 9-8) PsychoToddler's son's bar mitzvah will not be called on account of snow. Lots and lots of snow. (And Stacey is jealous!)
  • 7) I wonder if PT's son will follow R' Gil's advice. (And it's so true.)
  • 6-5-4-3) WestBankMama & Jameel are ticked off at Chayei Sarah's lambasting of the public face of Religious Zionism. Personally, I think that their posts are great, though I think CS made a bunch of very good, valid points in her post. Perhaps I'll elaborate later, but I think her follow-up post shows exactly that.
  • 2) Krum points to the foolish comments of a Rabbi. Amen.
  • 1) Dave Bender talks about the super-cool Yasam units in Israel. I've seen these guys in action - they look like they're straight out of the movies.
Have a wonderful Shabbos!


  1. That's a very glossed-over description of the yasamnakim. These people are thugs, well-trained animals. Most of them are not even Jewish, so when they show up at a Haredi protest they have no qualms about actually splitting skulls. Sure, they look cool, but so did the SS. No, I'm not comparing the two, just making a point. These guys are brutal beasts. Let's not glorify them.

  2. I disagree, from what I've seen of them. The ones I saw were Jewish, and did a nice job of controlling a number of Russian mobsters who had gotten into a large fight in the Ben Yehuda area. As soon as these guys came, everything was basically under control. If there's a terrorist on the loose, I want these guys on his tail.

  3. Mazel tov to FFD & FFW.

    I saw the picture of the blizzard on Psycho's blog and I feel soooo left out that I'm not experiencing it! How weird that where I live now 1/16" of snow is a big deal. Sigh. There's no place like home.

    Oh, and thanks for the shout-out, my fellow former Clevelander and Cain Park sledder!

  4. After what happened in Amona, I don't think the Yasamnikim should be given any kavod whatsoever. I'm still petrified of them, though plenty of my peers still went to watch the hafganot in Geula, Yasamnikim and all.

  5. I was once stuck in a (planned) traffic jam. It seems that there was a warning about a possible terrorist. I turned off the road into a nearby gas station, and as I was filling up my tank, two of these guys roared in on their motorcycle. The only thing I could think of was "the angels of death". Head to toe black, absolutely bristling with ammunition (not just the M16s, but extra bullets and knives) and reflector sunglasses. Where I live seeing soldiers and citizens with guns is routine - but these guys scared the heck out of me!

  6. Ezzie: I don't think that "super cool" is the correct term for these people.

    There are more and more Yassam policemen being charged for brutality and sexual molestation against Amona protestors...and these people dress in black to be "shock troops".

    There are plenty of anti-terror units in Israel that don't act like thugs to our own people.

    The Yassam in general are literally mindless and will do whatever instructed to do.

  7. Stacey - :)

    TNSPR - Amona was not the Yasam...

    WBM - They *are* scary... which is good for what they're doing.

    Chana - Heh. Future Frum Couple!

    Jameel - I thought Amona was the border police, not the Yasam. And considering they are shock troops, I don't find the black surprising... My impression is that they need to pass pretty strenuous tests (intelligence) to get to where they are, so I don't think mindless is the word.